Miracle Provision Testimony

Miracle provision

Lena is a single mother of six children.

Affected by the pandemic, she lost her job and all her income. On the evening of October 10th, she cooked their last pound of rice, shared it with her six children, prayed for them, and sent them to bed. The children slept, but Lena spent the night weeping and crying out to God for help. The thought of her children facing hunger terrified her as it would any loving parent.

The next morning, she heard someone calling outside her house and opened the door to see what was happening. Our team of evangelists had come to her village, bringing food and the Gospel message! When Lena realized what was happening, she fell on her knees with tears in her eyes and thanked God for the miraculous provision sent to her family.

Thank you for being the miracle Lena and her children prayed for!

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