Their Need is our Call to Action

The Need

Even the most shocking poverty should not paralyze us but call us into action. Living in hardship and going to bed hungry still is a reality for millions of people. When visiting with people in countries like Brazil or Pakistan to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we are always baffled to see how many children and adults are malnourished, today, in the 21st century. Even the beautiful, big, and curious smiles that greet us can’t hide the years of deprivation and malnourishment.

Our Action

We created Feeding Families created to assist and provide solutions for people around the globe of all ages that face hunger today. The reality of many families and their empty cupboards, cabinets, and fridges was shocking and we decided that action was needed. Over the last two decades, we developed a system to intervene and interrupt poverty to save lives and futures. We give families in need a jumpstart into a better life with effects that can be felt for years to come:

  • We guarantee nutritional stability for families. Children won’t only receive what they need to grow, but will also go to school and escape the trap of child labor.
  • We connect the families with a local church. This helps them thrive in life and grow spiritually, socially, and emotionally.
  • We invest in the community by conducting outreaches, planting churches, and buying locally thus stimulating the local economy.

Poor start-up conditions, unemployment, addictions, physical impairments all can cause poverty. But to start addressing underlying issues, the first step is  guaranteeing nutrition. With full bellies, children will be able to go to school and learn. The alternative is often wandering in the streets or trash dumps looking for scraps they could possibly sell.

Join us and help those precious people! For $40 per month, you support a family with their most basic needs through bi-weekly food donations. You also show them someone else cares and that they are not alone.

Their need is our call to action!



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